Tale of Dad’s Dynamite Pies

Jean likes to bake. Jim likes to blow things up. Here‛s how their two
separate interests collided one day to create Dad‛s Dynamite Pies…

Back in the 70‛s Jim and Jean moved into a 1760 farmhouse on an apple orchard in Greenland, NH. Winter was coming on and the old heating system was not. So, although his Yankee frugality resisted the notion, Jim ordered a new furnace. Weeks later the enormous heating unit arrived. It wouldn‛t fit through the bulkhead.

With temperatures dropping daily, Jim wasn‛t about to wait any longer for the delivery of a smaller furnace. So he placed sticks of dynamite strategically in and around the old bulkhead, lit the fuse, and the opening was blown bigger. The blast also startled the whole house into jumping off its foundation.

Jean had not been informed of Jim‛s ingenious plan. She was baking an apple pie in the kitchen when she found herself, along with a selection of open spice containers, lifted into the air and hovered there for a perplexing moment until Jean tumbled onto the floor and the spices toppled into the pie tin. You might think she would have had a few choice things to say to Jim, but Yankees don‛t waste time, words, or good ingredients. Jean just added a little extra sugar to the spices and baked up this explosively flavorful pie.

You‛ll love it…and that‛s the truth!

KEN KROITZSH, the son of Jim & Jean